Patient Experiences – Feedback from the Front Lines

“As a woman who has seen her fair share of doctors, and whose full time work is advocating for women’s health, I can think of no other physician than Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum to tell the truth, to ask you yours and who is able to combine the right dose of mind, body and spirit to make you well. Dr. Steinbaum is a healer who understands what’s truly at the heart of women.” 

Pamela Serure
Executive Director, Events of the Heart
Author, Dear Heart, and Take it to Heart

“Dr. Steinbaum treated me as a person that mattered and not just a patient with an appointment. She made the time to call me because “I was on her mind”. Unlike so many other physicians, Dr. Steinbaum treated all of me and not just my symptoms, using a truly holistic approach.  She freely collaborated with other medical professionals to ensure I received the best possible care.  My cholesterol is within a normal range for the first time since I was 19. I have lost ~50 lbs and feel better than I have in years. She saved my life by changing how I live. In short…….She cares!” 

Cynthia Edlow

“Having Suzanne Steinbaum as my doctor, has been such a gift for me. She is an incredible heart doctor…smart and intuitive, and extremely well trained in Traditional and Integrative, and very open to Alternative modalities. I have total confidence in her as a doctor, in what she suggests would be right for me, and feel that whenever I am with her, she is there for me one hundred percent, as a patient. She is compassionate and caring and simply the best for any woman that needs to deal with any kind of heart disease, and even those who are just there for prevention.” 

Cynthia Adler
Actress and Socio-political Satirist

“Dr. Steinbaum is the best!!! I have been to 2 other cardiac specialists, but nobody took the time to listen to me as much as Dr. Steinbaum. Despite the overflowing waiting room, she has always made time to take my calls and one time even when she was on the set of a TV news program. I trust my heart and my life to her.” 

Robert S.

“Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is a physician who insures that each of her patients feel that their well being is her number one priority. The combination of her terrific intelligence, deep knowledge of heart health, and gentle compassionate manner is the best Rx for feeling truly cared-for. I feel fortunate to have a doctor I can trust with my heart!” 

Carole Isenberg
Co-Founder, Events of the Heart