Everyone needs help with a lifestyle plan, figuring out what and how is best to eat specifically for them. Exercise is not instinctive for most of us, and even though we think we are doing the best we can for ourselves, sometimes seeing the numbers on the treadmill shows us exactly what we need to do.

To put together an effective exercise plan, a treadmill test is performed. We can determine how the heart rate responds in the face of exercise, and how best it is to perform more activity to get the heart optimally working. Heart health is about the efficiency of the heart, and as your heart gets healthier, the blood pressure decreases, the heart rate decreases and weight goes down. I believe and say it often, “Exercise is the best medication!”

Diet is simply a word used to explain that we all need to eat, but diets are never recommended. Once you go on a diet, eventually you have to go off of it. A food diary is reviewed, along with genetic testing for metabolism, which can tell us the best ways to eat for each individual. Food analysis is based on the diet already present in your life, and changes are made that are not too drastic, so the diet plan is do-able and achievable. Once we see what we are doing, and become accountable for our actions, somehow the next natural step is making healthy changes. As we learn to eat and live healthier, one of the benefits seems to be weight loss, and most of us don’t seem to mind that!